Our Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum | Classical and Charlotte Mason

This post is coming at you a year late. Ava is currently in the middle of her third grade year and we are still homeschooling. I’m going to share our third grade curriculum soon but first let’s back track to second grade. The first half of the year we followed the Classical model as close as we could. In the second half of the year (we school year round) I started incorporating some Charlotte Mason concepts into our homeschool, specifically, shorter math lessons, narration, and the addition of nature journals.

5 Documentaries You Must Watch

I’m a documentary junkie. You can keep your cable TV and expensive movie tickets- give me a documentary and I’m good for the evening. I love them because you learn about the world around you rather than just being mindlessly entertained. Don’t get me wrong- these documentaries are entertaining and even more so because they’re real.

Berkey Light Water Filter Unboxing and Review (Vlog)

Having access to clean drinking water is hard these days and I believe it’s going to get even harder in the days to come. City water can’t be trusted and bottled water is not much better (not to mention the burden all the plastic bottles is having on our environment). That’s why I’m fortunate to have a Berkey Water Filter.