How to Find Raw Milk

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I’m not sure what your thoughts are regarding raw milk but I’m here to tell you that you need to be drinking it.

Okay, if you won’t go so far as to consume something in it’s <gasp> unadulterated, God-given, natural state then fine but please, please quit drinking that disgusting, putrid liquid they call processed “milk.” It would be far better for you to just drink water.

I’ve wanted to add raw milk to my family’s diet for a long time but two things held me back: 1) cost and 2) finding a local source.

Well, this past December my dream finally came true. I found a local dairy farmer who offers raw milk through a cow-sharing program – at a very reasonable price.

In many states it’s illegal to buy raw milk (Big Dairy hates competition and the FDA wants you sick) but with a cow-sharing program you basically buy a ‘share’ of a cow. Don’t worry – the farmer boards it and milks it. The milk that you get is milk that comes directly from your cow.

I shop at a co-op in east Tennessee and I’d often see local (but still pasteurized) milk being sold there by a dairy called Cruze Dairy Farm. I looked them up on the net to see if they produced raw milk but I only found information about their pasteurized products. Months later, an acquaintance of mine mentioned that he saw Cruze Dairy Farm offering raw milk at a  nearby farmer’s market.

I immediately called them up and spoke to Mrs. Cruze on the phone. She explained that they own another dairy farm called French Broad Farm and this is the farm that produces their raw milk.

Imagine actually speaking to the person who produces your food! These days this is unheard of.

Mrs. Cruze was so nice. We vented our frustrations to each other about the farm-to-fork dinner raid that happened in Nevada recently and she told me about her cow-share program.

Here’s the details:

I paid a one-time fee of $20 for my ‘share’ of the cow (if I want to stop the cow-share, I get the $20 back) plus a $25 ‘boarding’  fee for the cow. I’ll pay the boarding fee once a  month and this deal gets me 1 gallon of raw milk a week. This equals out to $5.77 a gallon for fresh, local, raw milk.

see the cream line? thicker cream line = higher quality product

Wal-Mart is currently selling rancid, processed, make-you-fat, “milk” for $3.72 a gallon.  A $2 increase may seem like a lot but do me a favor and scroll back up to the top of this post and look at that serene picture of beautiful, happy cows on green grass. That is an actual photo of the cows at French Broad Farm. That is where my milk comes from.

Now, do you want to save your $2 and continue to buy “milk” that comes from cows that live like

Or, do you want to support your local economy and provide your body with nature’s perfect food that comes from happy, healthy cows? Remember, unless your milk is produced locally, it is not fresh and never will be.

If you decided to come off your $2 then the following link with be very helpful in finding real food products that are local to you:

Where Can I Find Raw Milk? and  A Campaign for Real Milk 


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