My Frugal (Free) Drawer Organizer Trays

I like my current kitchen. It’s the most modern kitchen I’ve ever had the pleasure of cooking in.

It has pull-out cabinets and wide drawers.

Really wide drawers.

That always look like this..

 Something had to be done but I didn’t exactly have $15+ to spend on multiple drawer organizers.

That is, until I saw these…

No, silly those zucchini’s aren’t going to bring sanity to my kitchen- their trays are!

We are a few seasons away from producing our own veggies (the learning curve has proved pretty steep for us) and I have some lag time waiting for my CSA to start again sooo I’ve been collecting these nifty little trays from the supermarket!

Here’s what I’ve come up with…



Not bad, right?

I definitely like the white trays better than the black, I may switch them out if I get around to it.

Will they last for ever? Probably not, but they are working wonders for now.

They’ve helped me so much in organizing my drawers and best of all they were FREE!

What do you think? How do you like to organize things?


  1. What I great idea! My local store recently started packaging a lot of their organic produce in these trays. It drives me crazy (so much excess packaging that I’m just going to throw away when I get home) but it’s good to see that there’s a use for them! We only have one drawer in our kitchen but maybe they could be useful elsewhere…

  2. Hi Meghan! Yeah, I find them to be wasteful, too. A Facebook fan says she uses them for painting. They’re lightweight and wash up easily for her. I’m trying to think where else I could use them. They aren’t the prettiest but they working well in my kitchen drawers. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Just found your blog. Very interesting. I use the small plastic containers that mushrooms (etc) come in to organize my kitchen and bathroom drawers. Love them! They work great.

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