16 Debt-Free Purchases I Can’t Wait to Make

God-willing, we’re going to be debt-free in a couple of months. Finally. It’s been 4 long years and you don’t know how ready we are to keep our money instead of sending it off to banks every month. We try not to be materialistic but as you can imagine, after 4 years of pinching pennies, there are some things that we are dying to get!

How To Do the Zero-Based Budget and Envelope System (Vlog)

Okay friends, this is the system we used to get out of debt. Blow it up, watch it in HD, and take notes. The point of this budget is to allocate your paycheck ASAP so you don’t spend it on things you don’t need.  If you find yourself in a situation where you need a little extra spending money, make yourself an envelope with a certain dollar amount, or up your “Fun” or “Misc” envelope. And don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions.  

30 Harsh Realities of Getting Out of Debt

Getting out of debt sucks- if you’re doing it right, that is. Depending on how much debt you have, it should be a painful process. This is a picture of my living room in our first home. At the time, we had two dogs and the carpet became so unbearable we ripped it out. But since we were also getting out of debt, we didn’t have the extra money to replace it. Or to even get a rug. We lived like this for a whole year. It was hard. Literally. Cutting back, going without, and selling everything that isn’t nailed […]

15 Lessons I Learned While Paying Off $60k Of Debt

By December of this year, my husband and I will have paid off $61,000 in debt. It took us 4 years on one very modest income to pay off an assortment of consumer debts. The last debt we have been repaying- and the biggest- has been my student loans. They totaled $36,000 and included three private loans and one Sallie Mae loan. These last four years has been a time of regret but also opportunity. Below is a list of lessons I’ve learned while breaking the “bondage” of debt. 1. Patience Four years is long time to wait for something. […]

Economic 9/11 Series: How I’m Financially Preparing

Unless you have your head in the sand or you’re busy watching Jersey Shore you know the instability the world is in right now. I’m expecting an economic 9/11 to happen here in America. Could I be wrong? Sure, but I don’t think I am. Look around. Read between the lines. Something’s going on. Of course, I don’t know when it’s gonna happen but for a lot of families it already has. In these next couple of posts I’m gonna discuss how I’m financially, practically, physically, and spiritually preparing for economic hard times that seem to be just around the […]

5 Things I Thought I Couldn’t Live Without

I’m not sure about you but I hate consumerism. Sure, we all need some things to live comfortably but one day I looked around and felt that I was being suffocated by stuff. I also got sick of giving everybody my money every payday. Below is a short list of things I’ve given up. Some with relative ease and others, not so much. This list has not stopped here either; I’m always looking around for things to purge to make life a little simpler or to live within my means a little better. 1. Cable TV This was by far the easiest of the […]