Homesteading Last Minute Gift Ideas

Cast Iron pots

Christmas is right around the corner so here’s a sweet little list of last minute holiday gift ideas for both the seasoned and wannabe homesteaders in your life.

Under $15

Plant Labels
Get a spring garden growing and organized with these reusable plant markers.

Wire Egg Basket
Beautifully store all your backyard-fresh eggs in this rust-resistant wire basket.

Vintage Glass Jars
Three words. Vintage. Ball. Jars. I’ve been eyeing these babies for a long time. Used as drinking glasses, decoration, or for canning, these beauties are sure to please the nostalgia-lovers in your life.

Garden Bucket Caddy
Keep all your garden tools together in one place with this handy caddy.

Folks, This Ain’t Normal Book by Joel Salatin
The rock star of the modern homesteading movement, this book by Joel Salatin is sure to inform, inspire, and motivate wannabes like ourselves.

Under $25

Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game Book
Because if you’re like us you have no idea how to butcher anything.

Clara’s Kitchen Great Depression Cookbook
Clara is a dear old lady who lived during the Great Depression and these are the recipes she and her family cooked during that time. There may come a time when we all can’t cook like Martha Stewart so check out these simple and frugal recipes.

The Encyclopedia of Country Living
Just maybe the “Bible” of homesteading.

Berkey Portable Water Purifier
We have a Berkey Water Purifier and truly could not live without it. But this little one is great for on-the-go and is environmentally friendly because it replaces the need for water bottles.

You know, to kill zombies with.

Under $50

Coleman LED Lantern
You’ll wish you had one of these if the grid goes down.

Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds
Get you preps going with this.

Streamlight LED Flashlight
Who doesn’t need a another decent flashlight.  My husband is a helicopter mechanic and has used the Streamlight brand for years and has always had excellent experiences with them.

Gerber Multitool
You’ll use it if you carry it, trust me.

Under $100

Ceramic Knives
My dad got me this set for my birthday last year and I love them. They are the sharpest knives I own.

Stainless Steel Stockpot
A must-have in any kitchen, this 16 quart stainless steel stockpot is great for making chicken broth, pasta, and other delicious dishes.

Presto Pressure Cooker & Canner
Start your food storage with this  excellently-rated canner from Presto. Hubby got me one of these for Christmas this year, woot woot (I only know because Amazon delivered it in its original box. Opps).

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Set
I own this exact set and love it. You can’t go wrong with cast iron pans, unless of course you’re like my husband who used one as a water bowel for his meat rabbits. Grrr.


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