Is The American School System Eerily Similar to Nazi Germany’s?

One of the main reasons we want to keep our kids out of federally-funded public schools is because we do not want them indoctrinated to be minions of the system.  We want them to lead themselves, think for themselves, and make their own opinions. And do so with freedom and liberty as their compass.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Brian and Stephanie, you are to be commended for your choices concerning educating your children. As a teacher in public schools, it looks pretty bad up close. The ‘system’ adds more layers of control every year.

    Keep doing the stuff of freedom and learning!

  2. Stephanie,
    I am also a homeschooler but only started a year ago. I wish I had schooled them at home from the very beginning knowing what I know now. It seems in my area the homeschooling trend is growing as more and more become aware of the realities of the public school system.

    1. Hi Maria
      You’re right, the homeschooling trend is growing all over the country. And you know what, you’re fine- better late than never is what I think. What curriculum are you doing, if any?

  3. Hello, this is the first blog I’ve seen of yours…wondering, how old are your children and do you use a curriculum for home schooling? Or what resources do you use? Mine are 2&4 and I am seriously, seriously considering home school (because of your same reasons above) but honestly, feel inadequate to teach.

    1. Hi Desiree,
      I totally understand your concerns. I feel a little inadequate myself but I am forcing myself to get my stuff together for my daughter’s sake. My daughter is 5 years old.

      The foundation of my curriculum is from the book “The Well-Trained Mind.” It is known as a “classical education.” To me, The Well-Trained Mind is the bible of home education. It is comprehensive and all-encompassing. You cannot go wrong with a program like this but as it progresses it does get a little intense, ie. a lot of work. I may stray and dabble in different methods and philosophies of home schooling but if I have a question on what my daughter should know or where we should be at any moment in schooling, I always refer back to A Well-Trained Mind.

      I have a category up top for homeschooling. Please, please check out some of my homeschooling posts there. I have 3 there that will give you a ton more details.

      But in the end, you are not inadequate. You are their perfect teacher! No one is going to be more concerned about their well-being and education than you are. 2 and 4 are prefect ages to get them started too. You are right on time!

    2. Hey seen this comment…Please do not feel inadequate to teach your child. There are many free resources to help with the accredited standard. As the child get older even more free help available. It’s the real way of life I’m learning. As for little ones take outside measure out a space. That’s teaching. Cooking following directions. It’s the little things these kids are missing. Interaction

  4. I think that homeschooling is wonderful and I agree with you about public school. Good luck with your homeschooling, I think that you will find it to be very rewarding.
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  6. Well, it definitely feels a little Nazi-ish if you’re a teacher, with all of the nonsensical control and oversight. For the kids, no. Or, I should say, for the girls, no. It’s the boys I really feel for. They are pathologized just for being boys and pushed onto psych meds so they behave in a way the female teachers prefer.

    This is going to sound super politically incorrect, but the Nazis were at least driven by excellence. While the students weren’t learning to be loyal Nazis and learning a little bit of pseudoscience about racial genetics, they were probably actually pushed to be excellent in every academic subject and were also given excellent training in physical fitness, music, etc.

    In the U.S., the goalposts are simply changed every time the students reach new lows of achievement. Students failing math tests? Give them credit for writing their subjective reflections about a math concepts, or make the tests only 20% of the semester grade. Competitiveness is discouraged in favor of teamwork (another plus for girls and cause of boredom for the boys.)

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