How To Make Homemade Laundry Detergent With 3 Ingredients

A lot of homemade cleaners we’ve brewed up at home are at best, hit or miss.  Sometimes there just isn’t a substitute for the harsh and toxic cleaners.  An example of this is would be automatic dishwashing detergent.  All the homemade brews we’ve concocted do not work.

So, when our buddy Darrell from posted an article for a tried and true laundry detergent, we got excited (we also must be getting old). We may be stuck with Cascade for the dishes but at least we can reclaim the laundry room!

And folks, did he find a winner. It works and best of all it’s cheeeaap!

Read the original article and ingredient list here at


  1. Did yours gel up like cheese curds after a few days? Ours does every time. It gets all lumpy and weird. But just shake it up and it mixed back together and doesn’t seem to bother anything…..

    Also, on our last batch, I shaved in an additional 1/4 bar of Irish Spring bar soap, and gave our clothes the faint odor of a clean drunken Irishman. I liked it, but the wife wasn’t happy with me. Now every time I smell our clothes, I whistle 🙂

    (You can add a bit of shaved scented soap to add a smell you like, just don’t overdo it!)

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    1. I used 6 quarts or 1.5 gallons, because that’s how much water the detergent bottle held. You can use more or less depending how strong you want the solution. If you have a smaller detergent bottle laying around use as much water as it will hold, and use less per load..:-)

          1. Yeah couple of ole washed up military guys with hots wives….still trying to figure out how I landed mine…:-p It’s better to be lucky than good I guess….haha

    1. Does your front loader require the detergent to be low-sudsing? If so, this recipe is definitely low-sudsing. It’s so low, I wonder if I’m putting enough in and I over-do it. I think it should work.

  2. I make this same homemade laundry soap but do not add the water. It only takes approx. 1 tablespoon per load, the fels-napa soap gives it just a little bit of a fresh scent. I find my 3 supplies (fels-napa, borax and washing soda) at Walmart or Publix….although they may be found in other grocery stores.

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