How To Do the Zero-Based Budget and Envelope System (Vlog)

Okay friends, this is the system we used to get out of debt.

Blow it up, watch it in HD, and take notes.

The point of this budget is to allocate your paycheck ASAP so you don’t spend it on things you don’t need.  If you find yourself in a situation where you need a little extra spending money, make yourself an envelope with a certain dollar amount, or up your “Fun” or “Misc” envelope.

And don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions.


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  1. Do you do this the same way if you get paid weekly? My check is direct deposit which is required by my employer. And I had a really bad time the end off January and over drew my checking and I am still fighting to get it fixed. So I’m embarrassed to say that my check is gone every week before it goes into my account. I don’t go anywhere I don’t spend any money every penny goes to over draft fees. Several of my utilities and my mortgage have to be paid online. To keep my utility’s on (I only have the necessities) they are deducted and so far every week I have at least 2 bills come out of each check and the remainder is nsf fees. I can’t break out and I don’t have anyone to help me I’m a 50 yr old very embarrassed woman that has lost all hope and is about as low as a person can get. Any kind of suggestions would be extremely appropriated. Will this method work with me having to pay a majority of my payments online. Not counting my house which is $65,000 my debt is only around 12,000. I can’t lose my house it’s all i have. And I’m 2 months behind on my car payment which is only $167. That’s my only way to work. I am so lost and discouraged but i won’t give up. I can’t. I just need a new direction and someone to help point it out to me. Thank you and please don’t judge I’m really trying here.

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