Getting Started with Low Sugar, Small Batch Canning

I have no idea why I like canning so much. It’s stressful, takes a boat load of planning, I don’t garden, and I’m trying to limit my consumption of sugar anyway. But alas like a moth to a flame, I’m attracted.

It’s stressful because I’m new to the hobby and don’t want to kill anyone with tainted food. But I’m sure the more I do it, the easier it will be and the better I’ll get at it. And it’s true I don’t garden but I covered how to get produce to can without gardening here. The only thing left is all. that. sugar. The first time I made strawberry jam, I was shocked by the cup after cup after cup of white sugar it required. I believe sugar is detrimental to good health and personally I’m working on getting over a nasty sugar addiction. So, I thought my days of canning jellies and jams were over as soon as they began. That is, until I found this gem:


Naturally Sweet Food in Jars uses natural sweeteners like coconut sugar and honey in minimal amounts instead of cup after cup of white sugar. And the canning in this book is processed in small batches, which is fine by a newbie like me because big batch canning is intimidating.


As soon as I could I went to the farmer’s market with the book in hand to see if I could find ingredients for any of the recipes. I did and Sweet Corn Salsa it was!


The recipe called for coriander seed and ancho chili powder which I did not have and neither did the store. So I had to wait 2 days for it to arrive from Amazon. See what I told you about the pre-planning?


I got this kitchen scale for Christmas which was cool because Naturally Sweet Food in Jars definitely recommends one. It came in handy.


I stirred soon after.


Bubbling away. Does anyone else can late at night?


And the finished product! They all sealed and taste great.


My collection of canned jewels is slowly growing but I have a looongg way to go. If you’d like to get started in canning and preserving food I definitely recommend Naturally Sweet Food in Jars if you are trying to limit white sugar.

Do you have any low sugar canning recipes? Please share them and ty for reading!