How to Make Fireflies in a Bottle

I’ve been collecting wine bottles for the past 3 years with plans to turn them into a wine bottle lamp. I’m by no means a crafty person, but the fact that 3 empty bottles survived a move AND my massive KonMari clean out shows my dedication to this project; I wanted to make something, dang it.

Installing a New AC Unit + An Epic (Potential) Failure

When we were inspecting our new trailer during the Are-we-really-gonna-buy-this-thing stage, we immediately noticed that the AC unit would have to be replaced. We knew the heat  didn’t work because the reversing valve was stuck, but exactly when the AC would go out was anybody’s guess.

Tour Our Paid-For Suburban Homestead

We did it! We closed on our first paid-for property! It’s not our forever homestead (it’s only a quarter acre and it’s not farm land) but it is a great starter property. We paid $14,000 and that included a quarter acre of land, well, septic, existing power pole, carport, and patio. Notice I did not mention the house. We didn’t pay for the house because the house not worth anything.

7 Lessons From My Hungarian Great-Grandparents

When my mom comes over to visit, she often reminisces about her Hungarian grandparents, especially her grandmother, Elizabeth. It never was a bother to me- I loved hearing their distant stories. But before long, polite listening turned into intense brain-picking.

How To Make Homemade Laundry Detergent With 3 Ingredients

A lot of homemade cleaners we’ve brewed up at home are at best, hit or miss.  Sometimes there just isn’t a substitute for the harsh and toxic cleaners.  An example of this is would be automatic dishwashing detergent.  All the homemade brews we’ve concocted do not work.