Update On Our Bumblefoot Hen


If you follow us on our Facebook page, you may have heard one of our hens came down with bumblefoot.

After surgery (this video is just an example, our camera battery died during our own surgery), we wanted to give you a quick update.

We were worried there for a little while but it seems she is doing really well. We changed her bandages this morning and all the swelling is down and the wounds are healing nicely.

The purple stuff you see on her foot is a spray wound dressing called Wound-Kote. My brother, who has been raising chickens for years now recommended it.

The stuff is amazing. Her foot was full of puss and had a large open wound from the surgery. The infection seems to be completely gone and the dime-sized wound on the bottom of her foot has almost completely scabbed over.

We highly recommend this stuff.












Have your chickens ever been hurt or wounded? Do you use a vet or do you treat your farm animals yourself?


    1. Thanks for the encouragement James. We’re so glad she made it and is pretty much healed (we were worried there for minute…)

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