Blackberry Foraging in the Florida Heat

This video is over 3 years old but it was deleted when my blog was accidentally deleted. I’m just now getting around to adding it back. It was a fun video to shoot and we had a great time making it. I was pregnant with Anna at the time but it was super, super hot so that wasn’t so fun. I miss these blackberries and recently went to “Blackberry Lane” only to discover the bushes are gone. Remnants of the bushes remain so I assume they died off naturally. Pretty bummed about it but I’m always on the lookout for more natural forage areas.



  1. Hey
    Just found you looking at mobile homes
    Heard you say dots made in Jacksonville Fl
    We live there now
    Soon moving back to Sanderson Fl.
    If you want to email me its cool.
    Like you i tend to be busy
    But I like connecting with some folks.

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