1. I could NEVER do that…..EVER.

    I don’t like RED cars 🙂

    My truck is a 2001, our “family” car is also a 2001. Both are paid off. We’ll probably never go into debt for a vehicle again.

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  2. None of our cars currently have a loan. One of my daughters drives a 1996 Saturn. My husband drives a 1996 Mazda truck which also doubles as a farm vehicle. Another daughter drives a 2006 Pontiac. And the family vehicle is a 2002 Chevy 15-passenger van, which was needed when we purchased it, used. Now we’ve been discussing getting rid of it for a truck, which we need to pull our livestock trailer. We would need a 2500 or better with 6 passenger capabilities. Since the van actually works for this, I’m having a hard time talking myself into a possible debt.

    1. Steph and I have decided to never borrow money again. We will just sacrifice until we can save the cash.

      I think you could probably get a nice truck that’s in the same year range of your van..:-)

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