16 Debt-Free Purchases I Can’t Wait to Make

God-willing, we’re going to be debt-free in a couple of months.


It’s been 4 long years and you don’t know how ready we are to keep our money instead of sending it off to banks every month.

We try not to be materialistic but as you can imagine, after 4 years of pinching pennies, there are some things that we are dying to get!

I feel weird about having a list of things I want to buy (especially since I’m trying to become self-sufficient) but nevertheless here they are:

1. Shower Filter

This is honestly the first thing I’m gonna buy. I wish I could describe to you how bad the city water is here. It smells horrid, tastes horrid, and leaves me feeling like I need a shower after I get out of the shower! It’s so bad I fill up jugs of Berkey-purified water and bring them into the shower just to wash my hair! I hope that when we buy a piece of property someday, clean water will be underneath it.

2. New Bed with New Sheets and Pillows

The five year-old futon and 20 year-old sheets have had it. Our pillows are so old they’re yellow (ew) and so used that I have to shove the pillow down into the pillow case to try and recreate that plump pillow feeling.

3. Chickens

We are so excited about this! Free entertainment, fresh eggs, nutritious chicken broth- what more could a girl ask for?

4. Rabbits

For meat. The hubs is pretty pumped about this.

5. 3 month food supply

Right now, we have just enough food for 2 weeks- I can’t wait to stock my pantry. I’m going to start out with a 3-month food supply then work my way to a 6-month supply.

6. 1/2 a cow

I’m thankful I can afford meat but I’m ready to quit buying the mystery stuff. Grass-fed steak, liver, bone broths. I’m salivating.

7.  A Freezer

For the 1/2 cow.

8. A Generator

For the freezer with the 1/2 cow in it. I was in Florida when 3 hurricanes hit back to back. We had no electricity for 2 weeks. Thank goodness my dad had a gas stove and a generator at the time.

9. Firearms

Not an arsenal or anything, just a few more.

10. Shooting Lessons

Definitely don’t want to be one of those duds who buys guns without knowing how to properly use them. I like having two feet.

11. Naturopathic Doctor Visits

Me and the hubs have some underlying health issues and we’d love to get them addressed once and for all.

12. Braces

Both me and the hubs want braces. His are crowded and I have a gap. I’ve lived 30 years with the gap and I’d like to try the next 30 without it.

13. A Few Acres for a Small Homestead

The most important one by far! We think it will take us 2-3 years to save for a few acres of land and a mobile. Can’t wait!

14.  New(er) Car

Right now, we’re driving two beaters. We’re gonna save for something newer but still small and gas-efficient.

15. A Vacation

Ahhh a vacation. I really want to go to Holland but a European vacation may take too long to save for. My next get-out-of-America-pick would be British Columbia, Canada. If we do stay in the US, it’s a toss up between the Grand Canyon (Brian’s pick) and the Redwoods National Forest (my pick). We’ll see.

Our last “vacation” was only one day long and free (except gas). We were living in Tennessee at the time and decided to check out the Cherokee National Forest- WOW was it beautiful!


16. Charity Donations

We stopped giving to charities once we got really serious about debt freedom. But giving is a blessing, and no matter how little you think you have, there is always someone who has less.

Photo Credit: furtwangl